The Hurdle Vertical Edger's unique design allows the sawyer to both saw and edge with minimal effort. Getting rid of the seperate edgerman boosts profit and makes a very efficient operation. This edger works very well when cutting longer logs because of the elimination of handling long boards and getting them into the edger. Best of all, this edger requires virtually zero maintenance!

Vertical Edger Features

  • Tough, compact slide assembly with replaceable wear strips
  • Uses 2 20" saws
  • Each saw is direct driven by its own 20HP motor - this eliminates the need for shafts and the vibration they bring.
  • When the edger saws are down, the edger is out of the sawyer's view.
  • Saw guards are made with heavy 1/2" and 3/4" steel
  • Simple, fast hydraulic positioning system with joystick
  • Laser lines show exactly where saws will cut
  • Simple, compact, fast - no other edger can compare!
  • Max Cut Depth: 4" Min Saw Opening: 3 3/4"

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