Our Team

Building world-class sawmill equipment requires a dedicated team of highly skilled individuals. We have some of the best.

  • Machinist

    David Cook

    Expert machinist with over 40 years experience
  • Machine Shop/Painter

    Joe Lee Griggs

    Go-to guy for painting and parts production
  • Machine Shop/Painter/Fabricator

    Juan Chavira

    Expert fabricator, machine shop, mill painting
  • Welder/Fabricator

    Bill Rhea

    Builds all carriage frames, headblocks, and cabs by day - musician by night
  • Sawmill Assembly/R&D

    Nolan McAfee

    Master mechanic in charge of sawmill assembly and maintenance
  • Welder/Fabricator

    Sabas Salinas

    Expert Fabricator - Builds Hurdle mill frames
  • Purchasing/Parts Director

    Pauline Sexton

    Friendly parts sales and purchasing
  • CAD

    Michael Graves

    Expert CAD operator/also setworks assembly and service
  • Welding/Fabrication

    Anthony Woods

    Expert fabricator
  • VP Marketing/Software Development

    Jeff Hurdle

    C/C++, PLC programming, html, DOS, Windows, Linux programming - Sales, Website Design, Photoshop, Autocad
  • VP Production/Sales

    John Hurdle

    Sales, Shop Production, CNC programming, CNC tooling, expert fabricator
  • President

    E.J. Hurdle, Jr

    Founder - Head of Engineering
  • Princess Stuff

    Kate Hurdle

    Director of Social Events
  • Forklift operator

    Logan Hurdle

    Expert forklift driver
  • Shop Assistant

    Clark Hurdle

    Up and Coming sawmill expert