Horizontal Grade Band Resaw

The Hurdle Horizontal Grade Band Resaw's patented design allows both maximum production and maximum grade extraction from each cant. By cutting from the top of the cant, the sawyer is able to see the grade defects that would normally be hidden from view. By sawing each cant individually to finish instead of using the traditional "run-around" system, the sawyer becomes familiar with each cant and is able to focus more on turning the cant to obtain the highest grade boards possible.

The result is maximum grade extraction from your cants and higher lumber value at the end of the day. In addition, the resaw takes up only 1/2 the floor space of a typical run around system! Production of up to 15000 bd/ft per 8 hr shift has been reported, along with higher grade yields.

Resaw Features

  • 7" wide blade and 48" wheels
  • Measures cant size
  • Cant turners allow quick and easy turning (forward or backward)
  • Linear Positioner setworks sets the saw quickly and accurately to cut any desired thickness.
  • Memory function stores last cut position for each axis
  • Automatic bandsaw offset moves the saw to clear the cant after cutting each board
  • Hurdle Air Strain system
  • Adjustable saw guide
  • Feed press rolls holds cant securely while cant moves through the saw
  • Complete with saw cab, infeed/outfeed, computer setworks, and hydraulic power unit

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