New Magnum LS Carriage

The super heavy duty Magnum LS 40" setshaft tong dog carriage is introduced. The 400th complete sawmill package is sold.

Magnum LP Carriage w/ scanner

The super heavy duty Magnum LP Linear Positioner Tong Dog Carriage is introduced along with scanning and optimization packages for mills of all sizes. The software was built in-house from scratch by Jeff Hurdle along with a compact, 1-box installation.

Hurdle Sawmill with Band Headrig Introduced

Our Complete Band Headrig Sawmill is ready for production and offers an easy, affordable way to upgrade your headrig to a modern, thin-kerf bandmill design. We have also made several big improvements to our 2 headblock tie mill, making it faster than ever.

Hurdle Mills with Linear Positioner Carriage

Our newest products, the Hurdle Band Resaw and the Challenger LP 36" Linear Positioner carriage are continuing to prove themselves in the field along with our time-tested complete sawmill packages.

Grade Band Resaw

The first Patented Hurdle Grade Band Resaw is installed. This resaw takes half the space of other resaws and allows maximum grade to be obtained from each cant. The first Hurdle Computer Setworks is installed featuring computer controlled precision stacks/sets.

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